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What The Hell Is Cigar Fashion?

I will spare you my personal definition of fashion and refer to the official version.


"to make into a particular or required form and a manner of doing something" 


That being said cigar fashion has to involve cigar smoking which should be a relaxing experience.  The Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt not only looks good and feels good its also a shirt that will protect and maintain the humidity of 3 three cigars.  As men we are already burdened with carrying a wallet, car keys, ipad, and mobile phone.  If you plan on smoking cigars you'll need to add a zip lock bag/herf/leather carrying case, cigars, lighter, and cutter.  Thats a lot to carry The Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt allows you to leave the zip lock bag, herf, or any other means of carrying and protecting you cigar.  The shirt has three custom made pockets designed for your cigars. The pockets are made of a hybrid material that does not breath and prevents the cigars from rubbing against one another so the wrapper does not tear and ruin the experience.  In conclusion, what is cigar fashion?  Its a cigar shirt from Leaf&Barrel but fashion is also about the details.  We offer cufflinks that project your passion for cigars and lapel pins that add the extra touch and communicate to other cigar smokers that a fellow brother of the leaf is in the house and he should be treated accordingly. 


Billie B

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