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Dressing Like A cigar smoker


As a cigar smoker you are automatically ostracized by society. Smoking bans pervade the landscape, big government regulation threatens the very core of cigar culture, and false associations with cigar smokers cast us in a negative light.  In addition, the embargo has denied us the full spectrum of flavor profiles that cigars have to offer.  Yet, in spite of all this cigar smokers persist in enjoying cigars and the fruits of cigar culture.

Clothiers design garments for every activity and passion you can name. For example, hikers have clothing designed so that layers can be added or removed as you trek up and down the mountain.  Bikers have clothing that does not restrict movement yet protects them in case of a fall.  Boaters have clothing made of lightweight material with waterproof and wind breaking qualities.  Hikers, bikers, and boaters are not ostracized by society, there are no laws that restrict one from fully engaging in these legal activities.  But now they are not the only ones that can dress themselves in clothing designed for their passion.  

Because of Leaf&Barrel cigar smokers can dress like cigar smokers.  Our shirt is not only good looking.  It has custom made pockets consisting of three individual slots that protect cigars and uses a hybrid material that restricts air flow.   The wrapper of the cigar will not rip and the humidity will be maintained for hours.  So while we may remain on the fringes of the mainstream we no longer have to be isolated by the world of fashion. 


Billie B



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