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Cigars and fashion


Dressing up has always been part of any special occasion which is one reason that cigars and fashion are so easily coupled.  Cigars are a symbol of festive events much like dressing up is inherently part of any special event.  Conversely, cigars are no longer a strange exotic fruit that the common man rarely gets to indulge in.  Cigars are ubiquitous, cigar publications dot the landscape, bloggers create cigar related information in volumes, YouTube channels illustrate cigar centric material, and celebrities further espouse the mystic of cigar culture.  However, with all the populism and ubiquity of cigars there still remains the festive and fashionable nature of cigars.  Dressing the part takes a backseat but a seat nonetheless.  


If you walk into the cigar lounge dressed like a beach bum you will be greeted like any other patron, you can still lay back on the leather couches, bask in the darkness of the wood toned architecture, but the most important part of the experience, the people, will suffer.  Dressing the part enhances the experience like smiling on the phone improves the voice (try it, it works).  


The Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt levels all distinctions. 



Billie B



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