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Celebrity Cigar Smoker of The week


I still remember when Big Daddy Kane would bring out this skinny kid that looked like the guy in the "Da Originators" video with Jazz.  Back then Jay Z was a guy that you know could rap but also had something special about him.  Years past and the next thing you knew an album called Reasonable Doubt debuted thus changing the genetic make up of hip hop.  No one ever painted such a vivid picture of the hustle.  He went on to become a mogul in clothing, made movies, owned a basketball team, restaurateur, philanthropist, and now running a label and a sports agency. 

But this is about cigars and Jay Z has been a cigar smoker for two decades.  He makes the culture look good and lets not forget the Cohiba Comador.  Jay Z is more than just an artist or a business man.  He is a landmark success proving that America is still a place where a skinny kids from Marcy Projects can still make it big.


Billie B


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    William K Bostic (Monday, 09 March 2015 14:04)