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No One Loves Tobacco Like a Beetle


As men we rarely get to engage in accessories that capture our passion.  We have been relegated to cufflinks, tie bars, lapel pins, and watches but while our choices are narrow our interests are broad.  


The Leaf&Barrel lapel pin is cigar centric but in an elegant and intimate way.  For example, every cigar smoker's enemy is the insidious Tobacco Beetle that invades your humidor, ravages your stash , and robs you of your cigars as they age in vulnerable innocence. While we fear and looth this enemy there is one thing that cannot be denied.  If you thought you loved tobacco then prepare to be outdone.  The tobacco beetle eats tobacco, makes love in tobacco, lives in tobacco, and raises its children in tobacco.  I toast to any BOTL but this guy has outdone us all in his passion for the leaf.  To that effect the Tobacco Beetle is forever immortalized in this beautiful Habano colored lapel pin with gold accents.  Its unique, American made, and only for cigar smokers. 


Billie B



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