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Celebrity Cigar Smoker of The week


Its hard not to like this guy.  Ok lets go ahead and get it out the way; he's a philanderer; he sucked as a governor; he's a bit of a groper and womanizer; he still sounds like he is fresh off the boat; and he ignored a kid out of wedlock way to long.  But, can we remember the Arnold we love.  Conan the Barbarian was one of my favorite childhood movies and I need not run down the litany of blockbuster films over the last 3 decades.  All the while he has remained a reputable ambassador of the leaf.  

With the FDA trying to regulate us, the Surgeon General trying to scare us to death with dubious information on the effects of cigar smoking, and the PR campaign against all forms of tobacco its good to have someone like Arnold to make us look so good especially at the age of 67.

 Keep smoking Arnold but stop with the one liners. 


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