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Celebrity Cigar Smoker of The week


In defiance of her parents Jennifer Lopez decided that she would pursue a career in entertainment in the mid-eighties which was not exactly prime time for Latinos. Little did they know that an act of defiance would produce an international star and a business empire.

I can remember her first break into the mainstream as a Fly Girl dancer on the comedy show In Living Color (1991 to 1993) and within the blink of an eye she blossomed into an American icon.  She has been known as J-Lo or Jenny from the block but no matter what the name she is seriously talented, stunningly beautiful, smart, and forever cemented as one of the few pre-Kardashian women that made it ok to have a full figure. 

She's multitalented; an actor, singer, dancer, fashion designer, clothier, business woman, and producer.  She is now 45 and still going strong but enough of the resume.  Jennifer Lopez is an official Sister of the Leaf (SOTL).  Seen in countless pictures smoking cigars Jennifer Lopez is one of the few people that make cigar smokers look good at a time when the ceiling is falling down, the walls are caving in, and the floor is rising against cigar smokers.  

Billie B



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