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Playing God With Whiskey

I have ranted about flavored cigars to my own peril in the past under the auspices that nature guided by human hands is what makes a great cigar.  Furthermore, I adhere to the same standard as it pertains to my beloved whiskey.  The raw elements, laws if you will, guided by a water tight manufacturing process afterwhich nature and time take the reigns to finish the deal.  I have said that three women cannot have one baby in three months to remind people that father time will not be cajoled but I may have to eat a slice of humble pie.  


A new outfit by the name of Time and Oak has developed a product that they claim will improve the taste of your whiskey in less than 24 hours.  This the part that scares me the most.  How can it only take that amount of time to do what years of aging would normally do?  We according to them the cut of shape of the wood staffs are the difference.


I welcome any natural product that can accomplish such a fea\t but the healthy skeptic in me wants to kick the tires and test the waters.  I want to take a low shelf bourbon and a high shelf bourbon and put this puppy to the test.  I will produce the results soon but until then check these guys out. 



Billie B



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