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if it ain't broke don't mix it


Jim Beam has been making whiskey for a long time and that's why we love it.  It tastes like something rooted in something which means it flows from heritage, time honored skill sets, and rich history.  Its a product of the land and a product of the land's people.  

That being the case why do we need to blend Jim Beam with Highland whisky.  I love both but I especially appreciate their nuance.  I am a fan of Suntory but this is comes off as another attempt to muster sensationalism.  But wait, surely I am a hypocrite when you consider that so many single malts are aged in former bourbon barrels thus creating a direct relationship between the two.  Hmmmm......may be this ain't so bad.  If so what's that bad feeling I get when I consider drinking this. 

From the article


Jim Beam Kentucky Dram is the latest creation from the Beam Suntory brand and is due for release in the coming weeks. Inspired by Jim Beam’s adventurous forefathers who travelled from Scotland, the new release is a fusion of premium bourbon infused with Highland Scotch whisky. This is a limited release that will drive interest in premium bourbons, which is a focus for growth in the category.

The new product is to be released exclusively in global travel retail and appear in store from July. It is made with Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey blended with a touch of peaty Highland Scotch, resulting in the time-honoured taste of Jim Beam with a hint of something new. At 40% ABV, the smoky flavour of the Scotch enriches the smooth vanilla and oaky notes of the bourbon. It is recommended to be served neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, such as a Dram Manhattan.


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