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more Praise for Islay

Introduction by BillieBLVD

Islay whisky is the true definition of terroir in that it unmistakably reflects the true essence of everything the island has to offer.  Its not just the smokiness from the peat or the salt of the sea air penetrating the barrels.  Its the soul of the people, every aspect of the soil feeding the roots of barley, and the processes implemented by the select few distilleries privileged enough to claim space on this magnificent island.  

By TALIA AVAKIAN, Business Magazine


Islay, a small island located 20 miles from the west coast of Scotland, has gained a reputation for making some of the best single-malt whisky in the world. 

The island is one of five whisky producing regions in Scotland to make single malt, but its rich agricultural landscape and unique recipes have made it one of the top producers of the liquor. 

Their traditional whisky-making dates back more than 600 years, so we decided to take a look into how this island produces its delectable blends. 

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