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Slowing Down The World With a Cigar


By BillieBLVD for


What is it about a cigar that draws us in?  Is it the euphoric high of the nicotine, the cheerful banter of other smokers in the lounge, pairing a puro with a single malt, or the feel of a balanced lancero between your fingers--you name it but I certainly lean to the latter.  I believe it's the flavors of the cigar mostly but also a combination of the others with no exception for the relaxation normally associated with the cigar experience.  I call it “slowing down the world” or “smoking the moment” and in case you are wondering how can it be this serious then I will remind you that cigars are a lifestyle. Often referred to as the two hour vacation, the cigar smoking experience is reflective, contemplative, and often transcendent.  


One immutable smoke time favorite of mine, especially when smoking alone, is to reminisce on those who were close to me that have passed be it friends, family, or even authors of books that have shaped my perspective on life.  Following the umptenth sip of rum within the smoke billows of the last third I can see my dear grandmother’s face and feel my grandfather’s grit.  I often wonder what they would think of the man I’ve become (would they care that I have a graduate degree, that I have traveled the world, that I am a hard working father and husband) as I have made it my business to weave the lessons and memories they instilled into the very tapestry of my life. 


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