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Davidoff Cigar Lounge

By BillieBLVD


So its a sunny day in September and I'm about to have a late breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants, Rue57.  Its hard to beat their Salmon Eggs Benedict and with a double espresso. As the surrounding skyscrapers unload their innards with corporate professionals eager to fill their bellies for lunch I make my way to the Davidoff lounge with an empty #cigarshirt that will soon be filled with long filler (pun intended).  The espresso and fish oil have primed my senses for a mid-day medium bodied cigar and I am less than a football field away. 

I am greeted at the huge glass door door by a dapper gentleman that is more than eager to guide me through the endless selection of cigars in their humidor.  Long and behold there is. The $5000 humidor for the Padron 50th Anniversary and its a beautiful thing to observe but I easily move past them as I am more interested in the trees than the forrest.  

Ignoring my cigar sommelier's recommendations I opted for a Deliciosos for my wife, a Room 101 Daruma (my pick for the best new cigar of 2012), and a few select Davidoffs.  The cigars are placed in a tray and transported to the register.  Luckily there is a Starbucks around the corner so the Daruma has a Caramel Macchiato pairing partner.

As I enter the lounge I can feel the old money in the room.  A few Europeans are discussing a business deal in the corner with some Asians, a well to do gentleman puffs his cigar whilst shoving his face into an iPad, and a few out of place Wall Street types are chopping up the universe on the other side of the room.  The flat screens only show up to the nanosecond market stats but to my chagrin the music is right up my alley (80's soul R&B).

I will be back here soon. 

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