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Japanese Whiskey Showcased By the Japanese embassy

Introduction By BillieBLVD


For anyone that follows me it's a given that I am in the tank for Japanese Whiskey.  That being said I would love to have been in Beirut 



Talia Abbas for the Daily Star


BEIRUT: An eclectic crowd gathered in the subtly lit Shogun Lounge in Verdun, to celebrate Japanese whiskey, food and culture. Women dressed in traditional geisha attire greeted the guests, who helped themselves to small servings of sake and plum wine. The Japanese Embassy organized the event last week in collaboration with The Malt Gallery and the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs and Pastries, to toast to Japan’s award-winning whiskey brand, Nikka Whisky, and introduce it to a country that shares a similar bon-vivant lifestyle.

Gretta Noun, a representative of the Japanese Embassy, explained how whiskey and food play a huge part in shaping local Japanese culture.

“The Japanese [have] a very hard-working culture. They eat a lot of healthy food, but they love to drink,” Noun said.

“In Lebanon, most people don’t know about Japanese food and drink other than sushi and sake,” Noun said. This is precisely why sharing hallmarks such as Nikka Whisky is pivotal to getting people to discover aspects of a country’s culture that would otherwise be left unknown.

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