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Women Only CIgar Lounge

Introduction By BillieBLVD


As the proud husband of a cigar smoker I can relate to the male stigma of cigar smoking.  It took a while but once my wife got bit by the bug she quickly learned the ropes and started smoking great cigar and pairing them with wine and whiskey.  Together we have spent many hours in lounges, the back yard, cruise ships, and smoking events and it has benefited the quality of our marriage.  I cringe when I hear other men talk about how much their wives hate the smell of cigars and how they have to sneak in a smoke.  I cannot remember what it felt like to hide my passion from my wife but I would consider it pure torture. I hope that this takes hold in the states where many woman have taken to the culture of cigar smoking but I have yet to see an exclusive lounge. 


 via the couriereditor


Women of Tunbridge Wells can puff away in the manor of their choosing at a female-only cigar club in the town.

The Women's International Cigar Club, formed three years ago by chef Sarah Saunders, will be holding events in the town imminently.

The first event in Britain took place at Horseguards Hotel in London on Wednesday evening (September 23) but Ms Saunders said more are on the cards.

"There are lots of male cigar clubs, traditionally it is seen as a male pastime," she said."I felt very strongly after visiting Cuba for 16 years and watching women there, that there should be a platform for women to discover cigars in a space that is not intimidating.

"The response has been fantastic, people have been very supportive.

"Cigars are made from concentrated plant products so there is less risk of addiction – it is similar to drinking a bottle of nice wine. It is about taste – every cigar has it's own unique qualities." 

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