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The Whisky Chemist 

Introduction By BillieBLVD


I am far from a sommelier instead I am merely an expert on what I like with the drive to learn more about it.  That being said there are some folks that are real experts.  Dr Jim Beveridge is a scientist that leads a team of scientist that are responsible for blending various malts for Johnnie Walker.  His job is to maintain consistency and find new blends.  Now thats a job worth having or shall I say a life worth living.  


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It’s a name you might not know but Dr Jim Beveridge has a job that will make you green with envy – if you like whisky that is.

The scientist, who studied chemistry at university, has dedicated his life to blending and tasting scotch whisky.

Beveridge began his career at whisky maker Johnnie Walker 36 years ago and has risen through the ranks to the coveted position of master blender – leading a team of 12 scientists to experiment with new flavours and combinations to “leave a legacy for the future”.

The chemist has been accepted as a member of The Explorers Club – which has recognised some of the most famous names in science and exploration including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Sir Edmund Hillary.

“It’s an amazing honour”, he said. “This idea of exploring and discovering is essentially what we have done. We’ve applied science to how whisky

has been made.” 

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