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The Annual Habanos Festival

By BillieBLVD


Indulge me for a moment.  Close your eyes and imagine a room full of men and women dressed to the nines and the soft but rhythmic pulse of Cuban jazz reverberating around the room.  The sea air outside of the plush hotel convention space and glasses of Cuban rum gleaming in the dim light.  Now imagine every premium cigar maker passing out their newest cigars.  Imagine the aged Cubans being passed out like candy on Halloween. Well there are a few people that will experience this event on February 29th 2016 at the Annual Habanos Festival in Cuba.  It must be nice.


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Havana will host the XVIII edition of the Habanos Festival, from February 29 to March 4, and present the most important launches for 2016. This year, Cohiba, the most exclusive Habanos brand, will play a special role because of its 50th Anniversary. The Hoyo de Monterrey brand will also have a significant presence with the presentation of Reserva Cosecha 2012. The Cuaba brand, celebrating its 20th Anniversary, will be launching an exclusive special edition for La Casa del Habano and the H. Upmann brand will introduce a significant addition to its regular line.


For five days, the guests attending the XVIII Habanos Festival will enjoy a full agenda focused on the world's best tobacco. The Festival will begin with the Trade Fair, on February 29, that will attract over 1,500 attendants from more than 50 countries. The Welcome Evening, at the Old Tobacco and Wood Warehouse, will feature the presentation of Hoyo de Monterrey Reserva Reserva 2012.

Also, the International Seminar, meeting point for Habanos and exclusive gastronomic products, will include the Alliance between Habanos and the rum Havana Club, the Habanosommelier International Competition and the competition for the longest ash.

The visits to the plantations in Vuelta Abajo* (Pinar del Rio) and to the factory El Laguito, home of the Cohiba brand, as well as the Tribute-Night to the Habanos Cigar Roller will be some of the special moments.

The closing of the Festival with the Gala Evening will be a tribute to the Cohiba brand in its 50th Anniversary, and will include the Habanos Awards and the traditional Humidor's Auction, which will feature major developments and the proceeds will go entirely to the Cuban Public Health system.



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