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Don Cheadle Filming In Havana

By BillieBLVD


Billions and Ray Donovan have something in common, House of Lies.  Don Cheadle and company managed to change my perception of SHOWTIME from a second rate version of HBO to a prolific group of market busters.  They created a show with a cast that exemplifies the true meaning of synergy (the genius leader, the cunning diva, the introverted dope, and a humorous helper) and a script that never grows tired (every show invites a new angle and sometimes the good guys lose).  This season they have upped the ante again by being the first show to film a US script in Cuba which is directly related to loosening the restrictions of the embargo.  As for the upcoming episode I will expect the following; tailor made suits that fit like a second skin (#cigarfashion) tons of expensive Cuban cigars, beautiful Cuban women, vintage Rum, and a corporate takeover with a unique twist.  


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Havana, Cuba (CNN)

Despite being in communist-run Cuba, uber-capitalist Marty Kaan looked right at home smoking a high-priced Cohiba cigar in a watering hole that Ernest Heminqway once frequented.


Kaan's presence in Cuba -- or rather that of actor Don Cheadle, who plays Kaan, and the team behind the "House of Lies" show -- is a first for TV and for diplomacy.


They could also be the first in a line of TV and movie crews leaving Hollywood for Havana.

The plot of Showtime's "House of Lies" follows a team of rapaciously cutthroat management consultants, led by Cheadle's Kaan, who lie and cheat their way to big paydays.


So what brought these wannabe masters of the universe to Cuba, a country that in real life is just now beginning to open to foreign investment?


"(Kaan) is at the nexus of where he wants to be," Cheadle told CNN between scenes on the last day of the shoot in Havana. "The most upside possible if he gets in on the ground floor. Not just for Marty Kaan but all the Marty Kaans in the world. This may be ground zero, for better or worse." 

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