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Japanese Whisky and Cuban Cigars

Yamazaki Paired With Romeo Julieta Cuban Cigar
Pairing Cuban Cigars With Japanese Whisky

By BillieBLVD


Japanese whisky has taken over my liquor stash and if they keep making it as good as the Yamazaki 12 Single Malt it will certainly stay that way.  Honestly, Scotland has a problem as the Godzilla of malts rises from the sea to rip the roof off of every distillery. Not only have they won the 2015 best whisky title according to they also have won countless others


1). 2014 The Telegraph

2). 2015 World Whisky Bible

3). 2015 to 2005 (tens years straight) ISC and SWSC

4). 2003 ISC

I will stop there


I know what you are saying "who are these guys trying to tell me what the best whisky is"  well I have never been one to ignore experts but I understand your skepticism. Nonetheless, I have tried a lot of whisky from a lot of different places and its my personal opinion that Japanese whisky has reached the same level of quality and taste as Scottish whisky and apparently the experts agree.  The taste is simple, clean, and unique but when you pair it with a Cuban cigar something special happens.  The Cuban flavors ride the wings of Japanese oak, water, and barley with synergy.  Together they make a great pairing partner.  The typical notes you get from a Cuban are tea, cedar, earth, and cocoa and that list binds to the clarity, sweetness, and oak flavors from Japanese whisky.  


For a few reviews of Japanese whisky and cigars (see below);


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