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The Look Matters 

Cigar Shirt
The Broadway Cigar Shirt

By BillieBLVD


Cigars are presented in cigar boxes decorated with the most beautiful artwork imaginable. Scenes of the Old World, iconic portraits, or tobacco farms are imprinted onto Spanish Cedar with intricate detail, texture, and color. Why?  If cigar boxes were made ony for the sake of utility it would be a simple box meant to protect fragile cigars; so there must be another reason.  Its because the box is more than just a delivery mechanism, its more than just a box, its really about presenting a natural handcrafted work of art.  In other words an austere wooden box unadorned with color and imagery is not worthy of its contents.


Secondly, cigars are also presented with beautiful bands and labels that augment the look of the cigar.  The color of the wrapper, the length and ring gauge of the cigar, and the dimensions of the vitola (tapered foot or head) all play into the design schema of the label (some are double and tripled banded).  Why?  If the only goal is to inform the smoker of the name of the cigar then why go the extra mile to enhance the aesthetic of the band or label? The answer is simple; the cigar is a work of art and to throw a generic label on it neglects the majesty of time honored craftsmanship.  


Thirdly, look at the humidors, lighters, and cutters we use to store, light and cut our beloved cigars.  They are also an extension of the beauty of a cigar.  Rare and expensive Spanish ceder lined humidors aid the regulation of humidity, precious metals and wood are used to make the lighter and cutter durable and beautiful.  Its not just the utility its also the aesthetic that matters.  


The Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt is no different in that its a natural extension of utility and beauty.  Made of Japanese woven cotton, the custom pockets hold 3 cigars with 3 individual slots that prevent the cigars from rubbing against each other.  The pockets will fit 93% of the ring gauges currently on the market and they are made of a hybrid material that does not breath keeping the cigars fresh and moist.  Therefore, you don't to put you handcrafted cigar in a zip lock bag (its not a sandwich it is a cigar).   


Made in the USA!


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