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Is That A Sandwich Or A Cigar?

The only shirt made for the cigar aficionado
WIne and Gingham Cigar Shirt

By BillieBLVD


Ok I get it.  


You just finished pacing the around in the walk in humidor selecting your handful of cigars.  You head to the register after saying hello to familiar faces and shaking a few hands.   While the cashier is ringing up the purchase you snatch a few too many boxes of matches and some cedar spills (its your right).  The cashier then puts the cigars into a zip lock bag with a logo of some cigar maker and off you go.  The ziplock bag sits in the car seat next to you while you puff one of the newly purchased puros on the way home with the windows down and the sunroof open.  Fine, but that should be the last time that you use ziplock to transport your cigars. Why?  Because the cigars deserve some RESPECT!


How dare you put these fragile works of art in a zip lock bag.  Its a cigar not a sandwich!


The best alternative is a Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt because it will protect the cigars in three separate slots that prevent the cigars from rubbing against each other and cracking the wrapper.  The custom pockets are also made of hybrid material that does not breath thus keeping your cigars fresh and ready to smoke.  Lastly, and more importantly the Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt tells the world that you are a proud cigar smoker, that you are a man of style and substance, and you are part of the most passionate group of people to ever walk the Earth.  


"For the love of the leaf the grape and the peat"

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    Aubrey Jones (Tuesday, 17 January 2017 20:23)

    Nice selection of shirts. I plan on having at least four of them...