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Blend Your Own Whiskey

How to blend your own whiskey
Bottling Your Own Brand Of Whiskey

By BillieBLVD


I cannot think of too many things I would rather do than to blend my own whiskey.  Of course I would refer to it as the Puro Malt because it would have to pair well with a cigar and of course it will be firm, with full flavor, smooth, and long in the finish.  I would pass these coveted bottles to clients and friends and we would sing praises to my masterpiece.  I can dream can't I?   


From Business Times Food and Drink , Contributing Writer Christopher Lim


WHISKY appreciation is a lot more than just learning about existing styles. For the real connoisseur, it means going to the next level - creating your own blends. And if you really want to make an impression on your clients or friends, there are companies that will customise not just your whisky but the bottles too, making them very exclusive gifts.


With this in mind, Diageo - which owns the Johnnie Walker whisky brand - has just launched its John Walker & Sons Signature Blend programme in Singapore, which is part of its Diageo Reserve portfolio. It's so exclusive that you can only be invited to take part, and the price of blending your own whisky starts at US$260,000, which gets you 50 standard 750ml bottles. Exotic blends, special bottles and customised packaging cost more.


Diageo started its private client sales team in December, which comprises two relationship managers who can arrange John Walker & Sons Signature Blend sessions held in Singapore or Scotland. 


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