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Cigar Pockets for a Cigar shirt

Pockets designed to protect and transport your precious cigars
Cigar Pockets for the Leaf&Barrel Cigar Shirt

By BillieBLVD




When I initially designed the Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt I was unsure about the pocket design. Questions like, should I hide the pocket; what kind of material should I use; will it be cost efficient; how should it look? 


Firstly, I decided to chuck all the questions and focus on the goal. I wanted to create a great looking cigar shirt so the pocket cannot act as a distraction but it had to protect and humidify the cigars while looking like a normal shirt.  In other words, I want to design a pocket that would look normal even when it wasn't being used to store cigars thus the pocket would appear as a slit making the shirt more wearable.  


Secondly, I wanted easy access (no Velcro, zippers, or snaps) to the cigars because they are very delicate thus when the smoker pulls the cigar from the pocket it can't cause any damage.  To accomplish this the cigar pockets cannot be covered, they have to fit most ring gauges, and they must be long enough to fit most vitolas without having to dig them out.


Thirdly, the pockets have to encase one cigar at a time with individual slots that prevent the cigars from rubbing against each other creating fissures along the surface.  Furthermore, without individual pockets the cigar will be over-exposed to airflow and dry out the cigars.


Lastly, I had to decide on the material used for the interior of the pocket.  It had to be smooth so that the cigar can slide in and out without snagging on the bumps of a toothy cigar.  One snag can damage the wrapper and ruin everything.  I needed something as smooth as silk.  The material also had to extend the freshness of the cigar therefore it had to be a non-breathing material.  


In the end I managed to achieve all goal and voila a cigar shirt is born! 

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    James Gilbert (Monday, 02 January 2017 12:05)

    Where can I purchase the shirt