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Wellseley Hotel In London

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By BillieBLVD


My last trip to London included a few stops at some of the most famous smoke lounges in the city.  I was dazzled by the selection and the aesthetic design of the lounges but the one thing that really stood out was the service.  


A few people in the business have achieved the title of "Master of Habanos", which is only obtained by passing a rigorous exam covering every aspect of tobacco production.  These dashing folks share their expertise with patrons while providing some of the best dam environments for smoking you can ask for, The Wellseley Hotel is but one of the many establishments you can visit but I will also recommend Jamie J Fox and the Bvlgari Hotel both of which are managed by Masters of Habanos representatives. 


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Newly touristy Cuba isn't the only buzzy destination with top-quality cigars. The Wellesley in London has become something of a stogie lover's heaven, albeit with far more luxe accommodations than are available in Havana at the moment. 


The posh hotel's cigar lounge, presided over by a portrait of Winston Churchill puffing away on one of his beloved Romeo y Julietas, has become London's top spot for a superior smoke.


The Wellesley's Director of Food & Beverage, Giuseppe Ruo, is also a renowned Cigar Sommelier, who has garnered numerous awards for his stogie expertise. He oversees the largest cigar humidor in Europe showcasing over $2 million worth of the world’s finest cigars, many of them limited editions.


The humidor was commissioned by Italian humidor experts DeArt, in conjunction with Fox Linton, and features a laser cut marble inlaid map of Cuba on the floor. Artwork in the Cigar Lounge was also commissioned by famous Cuban artist Ernesto Milanes and is designed and painted in tobacco leaves. 


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