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Rye & Bourbon | Can You Tell The Difference?

The difference between rye and bourbon is the ingredients
Can You Taste the Difference Between Rye and Bourbon

By BillieBLVD


Can you tell the difference between rye whisky and bourbon whisky?  Well I can but according to this report most people cannot.  This does not surprise me in the least. 




Everyone knows an alcohol snob — someone who claims that they can make a perfect cocktail, that the only wine worth drinking is expensive, or that they can tell easily tell apart two very similar brands of liquor. A new study from Drexel University, however, suggests the average person can’t tell the difference between two types of whiskey: rye and bourbon.


Dr. Jacob Lahne, a food scientist and assistant professor in the center for hospitality and sport management, found Americans were more likely to sort alcohols by brand rather than type of whiskey when given a blind taste test. Legally, the only difference between rye and bourbon is their mash bill, or the materials each one requires for fermentation. Rye is made with — you guessed it — a majority of rye, while bourbon is fermented with a mash that is mostly corn. Apart from this difference, the stylistic and legal requirements for the two alcohols are identical. Something as little as a two percent change in mash bill could change bourbon to a rye, or vice versa. 


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