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The amount of signatures gathered from 5/11 to 6/5

By BillieBLVD


As I type this on a rainy Sunday morning I cannot deny my anger for those that claim to love cigars and those that claim to abhor tyranny.   If we love cigar culture, the banter of fellow smokers, and the splendor of the overall cigar experience how can we idly rest on our laurels as the FDA chokes the life blood of the cigar industry.  Oh you think life blood is a strong word? Remember that the life blood of any industry is innovation. Cut off innovation and you take away newness (seasonal blends, limited batches of tobacco), silence the voice of change (incremental changes to the modern palate) , and ensure the interest of the establishment (big tobacco companies and distributors).  The FDA will make it impossible to innovate by making it too expensive to bring new cigar blends to market; additionally, they refuse to articulate the approval process which makes the process both expensive and murky.  But the FDA is not able to do it without the inaction of the very audience that will be impacted by the draconian legislation they propose.


The image to the left represents the paltry 23, 286 people that have signed the petition to keep the conversation alive which gives us time to fight.  We can shame the lies and poke holes in their feeble arguments but that can only happen if we fight.  We need 76,714 more signatures in 5 more days.  I fear that we will not come close.   So before you post a picture of a cigar with you gun or knife please take the time to sign.  We are not asking you to take to the streets just click, enter your email, and confirm your email.  If you love cigars like you claim then do something!



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    Sammy (Monday, 06 June 2016 07:27)

    In other words either stand up or shut up. Most people do not know what is about to happen. Thanks for trying to wake the dead