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Perfect Gift For Dad

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Wine and Gingham Cigar Shirt From Leaf&Barrel

By BillieBLVD


There is no better gift for the cigar smoker/ father in your life than a Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt.  This cigar shirt will hold and protect up to 3 cigars and because its made of a non-breathing material the cigars will remain fresh. All shirts are made of Japanese woven cotton, featuring hidden collar stay support, custom colored buttons, vibrant colors that pop, and accents that demand attention.  When it comes to cigars the Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt ts the one gift your father needs but does not have.


As a father I have always welcomed that one day of the year when I can tell my family to leave me alone (not that I don't love you but its MY TIME) and let me smoke my cigar in peace.  Of course I will allow my wife and children to dine with me and sing my praises but that's it.  Its time for daddy to retreat to the man cave and reflect on my plans for the future whilst smoking an aged Cuban and drinking some naturally flavored vintage brown liquid. 



Happy Father's Day 


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