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I Smell a Rat
FDA Option 1 Conspiracy

By BillieBLVD



I remember my father telling me that just because I am paranoid it doesn't mean that two people are not following me.  Its almost like when a republican says if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it just might be a duck.  


The FDA is proposing legislation that will prevent new entrants (mostly boutique cigar makers) to the cigar market making it almost impossible to compete with establishment brands.  The FDA originally singled out flavored cigars and stated they will be banned but for some mysterious reason they pulled back.  Flavored cigars will stay on the market but only the big boys will be able to sell the highest selling genre of cigars on the market. The FDA's legislation will also raise the price on establishment cigars that no longer have to compete with smaller and more agile boutique blends with higher quality and better price points. Furthermore, blends that were introduced to the market before February 2007 are not subject to the FDA's lengthy approval process making it easier for them to achieve economies of scale.


There is nothing in the legislation that does not point to a conspiracy that benefits establishment tobacco companies.  The duck is quacking and walking. 



Happy Father's Day 


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    Laird S Watkins (Wednesday, 28 September 2016 09:56)

    But, Billie, it happened during a democrat administration. I believe the paranoia is one we all should share; the overreach of big government.

    Love your blog by the way!