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Octomore: The King Of Peat

The essence of Isay
Octomore from Laddie

By BillieBLVD


Outside of church no two things are created equal.  As with cars the same is true of Scotch in that a station wagon and a Ferrari are both considered to be automobiles but no one worth their own salt would prefer the former.   The very same analogy applies to Octomore and every other Scotch (yes, even Lagavulin and Laphroaig).  Am I biased?  Hell yeah.  I love Islay Scotch but not just for the peat, the salt, the briny flavors, or a medicinal notes.  I like distinction and flare. This is a Scotch after my own heart.  If I died and were reincarnated as a Scotch I would want to be Octomore.


Check the box on this being the most peat flavored Scotch that you have ever tried but don't let that fool you into thinking that this is one trick pony.  This dram is almost 130 proof, its complex, sweet, and somehow smooth.  The packaging is exquisite and the bottle is frosted which adds a nice touch to the deep amber tones of its contents.  


When nosing this nectar the senses become animated.  You're forced to anticipate the flavor because you have never smelled anything like it.  I will be pairing this with a Two Saints cigar from Felix Assouline, one of my new favorite cigar brands.  The video will be uploaded soon. 


Happy Friday.  




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