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Saying Good Bye To Cigar Season

My favorite place to smoke
My Cigar Garden

By BillieBLVD


If you live in the Northeast then you know that our beloved cigar season is coming to a close.  While there are a few good days left they are most certainly outnumbered by the snow and sleet filled days that will be coming our way very soon.


I recently had a last gathering in my cigar garden pictured on the left.  I sent out a few messages late Friday and to my surprise on Saturday I had about 20 close friends show up and we had a great time.  Cigars and whiskey, food and music, and the cheerful banter of friends.  These are the best of times.  As the years pass these moments will be forever trapped in my mind.  This is what life is all about.  


I can still taste the BBQ, hear the music and the laughter of friends in the backyard.  The dogs running freely, a gentle breeze, and the smell of fresh cut grass.  Summer will be missed dearly.


So its time to embrace the changing of the seasons, look forward to the crackling of burning wood in the fireplace, and family time during the holidays. Humidors will have to be re-calibrated for extra humidity as the heated house starts to dry out the stash. More cigars will be smoked indoors providing great conversations and times to remember.  


Good Bye Cigar Season 2016.  There will never be another and I hope to have about 50 more before I check out.



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