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ATTENTION: Cigar Lounge Owners!

The cigar smoking experience is everything
Cigar Lounge Owners, Remember what you do

By BillieBLVD


ATTENTION: Cigar Lounge Owners


If you have been smoking cigars for over a decade you are probably a cigar and a half a day smoker and you probably enjoy a glass of wine or brown hued spirit along with it (it can get costly). Unless you’re a millionaire you have most likely found a cigar that you can enjoy daily without breaking the bank.  This means that you have the good sense to purchase your cigars online. Why? Don’t be silly--the price!  You can buy a box of cigars for 90 bucks that means you are spending 4.50 per cigar and you can smoke that cigar in the comfort of your home. Meanwhile, a cigar purchased at your local tobacconist is at least 10 to 15 bucks. Which brings me to the topic of this article.


Cigar smokers pay a premium to cigar lounges for the experience.  We pay for the cleanliness (clean ashtrays, clean floor, clean seats & bathrooms); the quality of the cigars (a decent collection of the full spectrum of flavor profiles, proper arrangement, high end to low end); a well maintained humidor (69 to 70 percent humidity and Fahrenheit, with rules against smoking inside the humidor and how not to handle a cigar); a peaceful environment free of assholes (enforce rules against loud antics, racist comments, vulgar language etc.); and an experience that does not include senseless charges. For example, I know a tobacconist that will sell you a cigar, drink your Scotch, and then charge you for a glass and a cork fee. Freeloading POS does not have the decency to waive the fee after drinking on a smoker’s dime.  I know another owner that charges 2 bucks for a bottle of water which is fine but when a client brings in five new customers that each spend $50 to $70 bucks a piece but on the way out you gently detain him and shake him down for a bottle of water you look like an ass.


The point is this.  Remember what your value proposition truly is. You are in the cigar selling business via the experience. You provide an experience and in turn cigar smokers buy a stick and tell their friends.   We can smoke at home, we can smoke at a friend’s home, or we can smoke at a lounge that will provide the proper environment to smoke a cigar.


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    Jpena (Tuesday, 27 March 2018 11:27)

    My local lounge was cool I mainly went to grab a hand full and talk a little the man I dealt with was real good with knowing his product we had good conversations but then one day I'm in the humidor with the owner and to make a long story short he stated that he guesses acid cigars are a man's cigar in 2017 and that soccer is a mans sport in 2017...okay then I don't really care about soccer but the fact that you're stereotyping bothers me so I changed my tone looked him in the eyes and said Oh so real men don't play soccer??? He looked at me didn't respond and walked out. Went back twice and the man I'm used to speaking to is nonchalant and very distant..ok my money goes elsewhere. God Bless You