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Cigar Lounge Arguments

Conversations and arguments while smoking a cigar
Conversations and arguments while smoking a cigar

By BillieBLVD 


I love cigars. and I love to argue; therefore, I love to argue while smoking a cigar.  I am not referring to raising my voice or anything remotely hostile but something more akin to a simple verbal exchange of opposing positions which in many cases is a positive learning experience.  However, there are instances where people are arguing for a point of view that they have absorbed from a source they have selected that agrees with their preexisting perspective.  In other words, many of us are looking for information to back up our bullshit. 


Often when I am about to engage in a debate at the cigar lounge I will ask my protagonist if he or she has considered the possibility of being wrong.  If yes, I like to ask for a list of scenarios whereby you can you be proved wrong.  In other words, what fundamental variable[s] in your logical equation cannot be removed if your argument is to remain true.  This is not a trick or some attempt to off put my nemesis instead it serves to establish rules and remind us of our imperfection that we may be incorrect or that this may be a teachable moment.


The most mind blowing experiences for me have been the moments where I had to acknowledge that my most strongly held beliefs are inconsistent with reality.  The daylight between perception and reality should be narrow and the more narrow the more anchored we are in objective truth.  I am willing to hear any perspective but I grow weary of any statement or position based on bullshit with no appreciation for the fundamentals of reason.


So the next time that you are enjoying a glass of whiskey or smoking a cigar with a worthy arguer be sure to ask him/her how can you be proven wrong or have you studied any arguments against your position.  If the answer is no then just walk away.  You are engaging in an argument with an idiot.  I will conclude with the following arguements; flavored cigars are shit, R Kelly is a pedofile, Trump is a demogue, the Earth is not flat, and Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.  I will argue these points till the cows come home. 



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