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Why We Love Cigars

BillieBLVD Smoking A Partagas Serie D in Tokyo
BillieBLVD Smoking A Partagas Serie D in Tokyo

By BillieBLVD 


So I took the democratic (small D) route and decided to open up a Facebook discussion on we we love cigars.  I stated clearly that I would also post the responses that I thought were the the best (all below).  I will limit the posts to 25 but before that I want to lay out why I love cigars.


Firstly, there is no one single reason thus it's more like a confluence of reasons, here are a few. I like cigars because of all the effort that goes into the production process.  Its extremely extensive while I could rattle off an array of integral processes I will leave it to you to investigate.  Secondly, I love the flavors and the complexity of cigars.  An elite cigar will always taste good, it will also have to burn and draw well but the real designation of an elite cigar will come from its complexity.  Complexity, which is defined by subtle flavor profile changes from the first to the last third, completely transform the experience.  Lastly, I love cigars because of how they relax me.  I call it smoking the moment. Without further ado here 25 comments I thought were pretty dam good.

John Dodge For the peace the prosperity and the genuine relaxation that they bring to my life


Sean Taugher I love the fact that a lawyer, and a gas station attendant can smoke together and find common ground.


Cowboy-michael Mayer Smoking a cigar takes me away from everyday life and cigar smoking brings people together I just love cigars


David Harper A stick forces relaxation, reflection and at the same time is both visual art and art for the palate.


Don Diego The unexplainable bond that draws men and women together from every walk of life where - if just for an hour or two - we can put the troubles and worries of the world at bay while giving ourselves a level of indulgence and luxury that is nearly impossible to recreate


Kevin Flowers Because smoking cigars is fly, and I do fly shit!


Ronald McCoy when you indulge in a great stick, and matter what all is going on in your life, nothing matters for that hour, or hour and a half your enjoying your treat. Genuine relaxtion, that many enjoy, and many don't get.


Maria Warren It's a meditation that drives straight down to a change on the spiritual level that I can best described as Euphoria.


Rob Lofton Cigar smoking unites generations and transcends time.From The pauper to the prince the time smoking a cigar is the same incredible


L Nathaniel Harris Because it relaxes me when I need yo relieve stress. Plus it is all natural!


Ylka Renee Morales Smoking a cigar for me is the best short term remedy for relieving stress. From the first moment your buds get a taste of that pure tobacco, your brain releases endorphins throughout the body that act like a natural opioid high which instantly relaxes the mood. Over the years,, with each cigar, I have become addicted to continuing to seek a better high than before.


Grayson Malone It's my moment of solitude when I need to escape from the same hum drum of life. Ron Perlman said it best. "Some people meditate I smoke cigars"


Puro Pete Smoking a cigar brings people together. We don't focus on race, political views, or personal opinions. All we focus on is that cigar and the fellowship that comes with it.


Ski Wyro As Rudyard Kipling said, "A woman is a woman but a cigar is a damn good smoke."


Lenessa Terry It's one of the only things that can hold my attention longer than an hour and provide a sense of relaxation at the same time. I enjoy the smell, the taste, the process and the element of fellowship a cigar can bring in a diverse social environment.


Erjan J Fortson We love cigars because psychotherapy is far too expensive.


Jacob Ontiveros The best thing about a cigar is the journey. We all start as a novice and perfect our palettes and attention to details. What atmosphere we prefer to what spirit we enjoy to pair. From the master who selects and blends the perfect tobaccos, and the artisan who rolls each fine stick. It can be that no matter where we are what we are doing. When we light up, we are all interconnected and part of the same small and proud community. When we smoke be that alone or with great company we can loose ourselves. Drift afar deep into pure thought and imagination. To a place of bliss and pure inspiration. In today's fast paced world moments like this are few and fleeting.


Jessica Hutson Cigars do two things for me. 1. They are mediation. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat until calm. 2. Forced social interaction. Turn off the TV and light a cigar. You are guaranteed a period of conversation or comfortable silence.


Ty Johnson It's a Melo feeling, almost like serenity. A cigar with a glass of cognac what's that saying it doesn't get any better than rhis.


Kevin Atwood The truth is nothing is more relaxing then sitting back, relaxing with your thoughts and smoking a good cigar. The whole experience from selecting the cigar for your mood, the cut, the light and then the first draw. It allows you to simplify everything and slow down for that simple moment in a world that moves too fast.


Taven Johnson When I first started in this business I asked my grandfather what defines a great cigar and he told me that a cigar is not only a true handcrafted artisan product but one of the last remaining affordable luxuries available. That a single Cigar is touched by over 300 individual skilled craftsmen (on average) as each cigar goes thru an intensive 12 to 18 step totally handmade process completely natural & 100% agricultural/horticultural in nature all while being totally dependent on the climate and weather conditions each year. That it can take as long as 3 to 5 years to make a super premium A grade cigar, however when it reaches America the average retail price is normally only $5 to $12 a piece. With Even the super exquisite rare and hard to find a limited editions not being much over $30 in most cases. So for something that touches all five senses; the look, the touch, the taste, the feel, the aroma and the great conversations you hear and have while smoking a cigar, makes Cigars truly one of the last affordable luxuries and it brings people of all ethnicities, races, and creeds together in the enjoyment and fellowship of a great smoke. The cigars listed below in our portfolio that we are blessed and honored enough to represent are the epitome and true definition of great cigars and legendary manufacturers. please let us know if we can serve you in anyway it is our great privilege and pleasure to do so thank you all for your continued support.


Adrian Spath I was 20 years old when I smoked my first cigar. In the Army and stationed in Panama. They called me "Boy Scout" because I didn't swear, drink, smoke, or chase women. After a serous military engagement (all I can say) I was not that "clean cut midwest boy" anymore. I was on the beach trying to wrap my head around what I'd done and seen. An old man was selling cigars on the beach, and I decided to try one. I told the man I'd never smoked before and he handed me a mild Cuban Special and a box of wooden matches. I went down to the beach and smoked that cigar and watched the sunset on the ocean. Smoking that cigar I could feel a wave of calm come over me. That night, that beach, and that cigar (along with a bottle of rum) represents a "pivot point" in my life. Even all these years later, when I smoke a mild and sweet cigar, sometimes that memory returns and I am that 20 year old corporal sitting on a rock on the beach in Panama.


Shawana Isaac One of the best things about a cigar is that moment. My appreciation requires me to be fully present in that moment; a "stop and smell the roses" experience.


Robyn Parsons It brings people of all race and class together as one brotherhood/sisterhood under one affordable pleasure, hobby, luxury... even if for just an hour we come together to clear our minds, inspire conversations, and enjoy simplicity of an otherwise complex handcrafted cigar.


William Lopez Guevara Cigars connect us to the earth, they embrace us to the people who labor them and they create indelible experiences with love ones and help us make new friends.



BillieBLVD for 



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    Rusty (Monday, 20 March 2017 15:05)

    Cigars for me... relaxing. I smoke on way home from work traffic not so bad. I smoke at home watching tv. I belong to private clubs and can enjoy a cigar with my cold beverage. I Have met a lot of interesting New people. Fun