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Surviving Trump One Cigar at a Time

I am not a happy camper right now
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By Bille BLVD


So here we are on the verge of another election with a lot of road before us until the 46th President of the United States is inaugurated.  I have never seen a President in my 48 years tear a country apart like this.  I try to retrace the steps of how we got here.  Suicides of white males in suburbia, families torn by drug overdoses, divorce rates soar, and racial tension pervades the scene.  Our attention span has diminished and the truth has transformed from intellectual objectivism to hyper partisan alternative facts.  I listen to the news frame the issue to confirm the bias of the viewership.  I listen to the conspiracy theories of my neighbors while walking my dogs "this is a plandemic" what the fuck. Trump has convinced about 33% of this country that he is the sole source of truth; however, he has told more lies than any President in history.  A feat that even dictators can proclaim.  



This is no way to foster a new generation of voters eager for leadership in a world constantly changing.  



How do we fix this shit?  Its beyond me but I do know that most divorces are over money; therefore, we need a real jobs program and living wages.  Its beyond me but I do not think that billionaires and corporations need the lion's share of our tax revenue.  Its beyond me but I think a pandemic can only be solved with medical science (not cowboy bluster).  Its beyond me but I thought our elderly (The Greatest Generation) deserves better than to live in feat and isolation.


I have been smoking a lot more cigars lately at home in my personal man cave.  Sipping more and more whiskey and watching the news like my life depended on it.  In fact if it were not for cigars I dare to say that this pandemic would be unsurvivable even with my loving wife, son, and dogs.  But I know this.  People are fed up and even though Trump is trying to rig the election while simultaneously pre-claiming to be the future victim of a rigged election voters are going to show up in numbers that cannot be suppressed.  And just maybe this is the kind of drama we need to storm the gates in masses.  


I will smoke to that tonight. 

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    Tim Williamson (Sunday, 13 September 2020 14:21)

    Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed your perspective and delivery.
    On this topic I'd like to add the importance of coming together as one and Goldwatering (I made that up) his ass. By that I mean create the largest landslide in history.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    Left Coast American