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Cigars Are A New Fad?

Cigar fashion
BilleBLVD at Torch Cigar Lounge Newak NJ


By BillieBLVD


Is it me or is the cigar world expanding. I see cigars in rap videos and Instagram is flooded with pics of cigar smokers living it up? Cigar lounges are popping up everywhere, there are all kinds of cigar events, and there are more than enough new cigars hitting the market almost daily.  There are flavored cigars, infused cigars, big and small cigars, expensive and cheap cigars and a deluge of eager new consumers.  But what I don't see is a new and renewed sense of passion.  I see people acting as if a cigar is a status symbol, a signal of arrival, or a stamp of confirmation that one has touched the pinnacle of sophistication. Tell that to the construction worked smoking a cigar on his lunch break or the policeman filling out his paperwork over a stogie. 


Oh what do I know, I'm just an observer and let's be honest its ok if the cigar industry makes a buck.  Lord knows they need to in this virus laced economy.  I just want people to recognize that a cigar is a symbol of culture.  Its a tool to slow down the world and reflect on the day as you contemplate tomorrow.


As long as your journey to cigardom is filled with joy and pleasure do not allow a cigar snob like me to look down on you for smoking a strawberry flavored cigar paired with some blueberry flavored whiskey.  But for God sake get through this newbie phase and join the old school brigade.  I'd love to share a sip of single malt with you and may even allow you to pick a stick from my stash just to see if I can convert you to the darkside.


Happy Friday



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    Big Jeff (Friday, 07 August 2020 16:02)

    So true. I see these news dudes at the lounge all the time and they seem really cool but soooooo green