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Man Jewelry for Manly Men Doing Manly Things

Jewelry for real men and cigar connoisseurs
The Leaf&Barrel Tobacco Beatle Lapel Pin

Accessories For Cigar Smokers

Written by BilleBLVD


Men of stature have very little to chose from when it comes to accessories.  We have cufflinks, pocket squares, watches, acceptable forms of jewelry, and thats pretty much it.  A bracelet may bring judgement making you seem too flashy or simple, a pinky ring will make you a pariah, and a gold chain indicates that you want to be seen more than normal and shouldn't be trusted with money. So when it comes to official man jewelry we have very little to work with until now.


The Tobacco Beetle Lapel Pin is offbeat and edgy but it shows an intricate appreciation for cigars because the infamous tobacco beatle is connected to the hip of every cigar lover.  How you say?  Well, after a cigar and rolled and approved to be shipped it is kept in a room at temperatures close to 40F for 24 to 48 hours to ensure that the tobacco beatle and its eggs are killed.  This process also locks in the immediate environmental elements where the cigar was manufactured.  Both you and the beatle share a love for the tobacco in the cigar but only one of you had to sacrifice you life just so that stoogie can be shared by you and your ilk.  


As Spring goes into full swing be sure to enjoy a cigar with a glass of your favorite wine or spirit.  But, be sure to wear a light colored cotton or linen blazer or suit and make dam sure to add a Tobacco Beetle Lapel pin



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