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The New FDA Ban

First They Came For The Flavored Cigars


I can attest without a shadow of a doubt that I detest flavored cigars.  I hate the smell, the concept, the fucking ugly bands, the stupid names, and I hate to be around them when they are smoked.  However, what I hate more is the idea of banning a legal adult product that's enjoyed by many misguided smokers. 


Misguided or not they should be able to enjoy them in the same way that misguided drinkers are enjoying Peanut Flavored whiskey.  The reasoning that the FDA has published is that the ban will prevent teenagers, who happen to be fond of flavored cigarillos, from smoking them.


There lies the true problem.  Its illegal for teenagers to buy and smoke cigars flavored or not: therefore, instead of creating new laws preventing adults from enjoying horrible flavored shit sticks they should enforce current laws on the books.  Next thing you know teenagers will become fond of regular cigars and the FDA might need to ban cigars.  Where does it stop.  

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