Wine and Gingham

Gingham Pattern

Wine Accents

Dark Blue Buttons

Japanese Woven Cotton

Classic Gingham pattern with a Malbec wine color intertwined with blue.
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Item Description

While designing this shirt I originally started with a classic blue and white gingham; however, upon walking the streets of NYC I saw so many gingham pattern shirts that I decided to tweak the look with a Malbec wine color intertwined with blue.

The wine accents in the gingham pattern are extended to other areas along with the luster of dark blue buttons that balance the overall design of the shirt.

The Leaf&Barrel cigar shirt does not require a collar stay instead the collar is secured by hidden buttons under the collar.  Your cigars will be secured by 3 individual pockets that prevent them from rubbing together and tearing the wrapper. In addition, the hybrid material does not breath which keeps your cigars fresh and humidified.  

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