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My Apology to London

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BillieBLVD in London with the Shard building in the background

By BillieBLVD 


Everyday I walk past the World Trade Center on the way to my desk on Wall Street.  Its a constant reminder of what this city went through during that troubled time. 


Recently terrorism has visited London in less magnitude but more frequency than 9/11 but one loss of human life is too much. During the World Trade Center attack The UK, our longtime ally and cultural twin, stood steadfast and resolute beside us to rebuild and respond.  


In the mode of a leader the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, increased the presence of police and in a attempt to bring calm to those that notice the "men with guns and helmets" he told the citizens of London there is no reason to alarmed.


Our President Trump attacked the mayor of London in a juvenile attempt to prop up his travel ban.  Trump made it seem as if Mayer Khan was saying there was no need to be alarmed of terrorism calling his statement a pathetic excuse.  


I want to apologize to the world for this embarrassment of a President.  


We stand with Europe, we stand with those that have been oppressed by terrorism in the Middle East and Africa.  We stand against those that want to darken the world with lies and propaganda.  


We will correct this mess of an administration and upon doing so we will better understand that sitting on your ass and not voting is not a viable option.  We will understand that while corporations have a hand in the Democratic and Republican cookie jar that there are still fundamental differences between the mindsets of both parties.  


Until we rise and purge these knuckle draggers from the levers of power I sincerely apologize. 

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    Michael Mckenna (Tuesday, 27 June 2017 14:02)

    Hey Billy, long time fan of your YouTube show. Love it. Keep up the good work. I'm from Liverpool England. That message really got to me. Such good words spoken proud and true.